Short Sale


Short Sale Services and Short Sale Navigation

Prior to closing a short sale transaction, there is a significant amount of due diligence that must occur to obtain seller’s lender approval of the short sale transaction.  Meridian Title will prepare TBD commitment and preliminary HUD(s) as requested to assist in the approval of the short sale.  Upon approval of the transaction, Meridian Title will also provide contract processing and settlement services.

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In addition to providing the above noted, Meridian Title can be hired to provide Short Sale Navigation services.  Your Navigator will act as a liaison between the seller’s lender and the listing agent/seller.  With seller permissions, the Navigator will contact seller’s lender to obtain information required to request short sale transaction approval.  

Lender requirements (typically referred to as a package) will be sent to listing agent/seller for completion.  When returned, the Navigator will review package making sure it has been completed in its entirety and will then send the package to the seller’s lender.  The Navigator will regularly follow-up with the seller’s lender to determine the status of the approval or if additional information is required by the seller’s lender, then subsequently provide timely updates to listing agent/seller.  Once the seller’s lender approves the Short Sale, the local MTC office will process and close the transaction.

*Note: Short Sale Navigator does not negotiate on the sellers behalf.