Title Production Services
Reviewing all recorded documents and court related matters affecting a specific parcel of land to determine the present condition of title. Our experienced title examiners, or when warranted, our legal staff will review and analyze all materials relating to the search, and then determine the sufficiency and status of title for reporting or for issuance of a title insurance policy.

Closing and Settlement Services
Preparing calculations and documents necessary to consummate a closing, to include, but not limited to, Settlement Statement, 1099 and Sales Disclosure Affidavit. Further, the disbursing of closing funds and documents to appropriate parties in connection with the issuance of a title insurance policy.

New Construction Services
Ordering all documents required by the Contract to Purchase to prepare the Buyer and Builder for closing, to include, but not limited to: title commitment, deed(s), land contract, survey, mortgage payoffs, lien waivers and lender real estate related requirements.

Includes the initial construction loan closing, the end/permanent loan closing construction draws, disbursements and title updates for draws/disbursements.

Commercial Services
Meridian Title Corporation, through its Commercial Transaction Services Division, is pleased to offer services for commercial single-site, multi-site and multi-state transactions. Some of these services include the following: coordinating 1031 exchanges, performing escrow and settlement, and reviewing title, surveys and lien waivers. The goal of our experienced title professionals is to provide comprehensive services in order to make our customers’ job easier for their commercial transactions.

National Commercial Services
Our NSC staff provides seamless service on commercial transactions regardless of jurisdiction or transaction structure.  Comprised of a seasoned team of attorneys with extensive experience in national commercial transactions,  this team is focused on complex commercial transactions with the ability to coordinate single or multi-site, multi-state projects.  We offer multiple underwriter solutions and take a proactive approach to each transaction.  

National Account Services
Meridian Title Corporation has assembled a team of knowledgeable & reliable title and escrow professionals allowing us to facilitate your Residential and REO real estate transactions or title product needs across the United States.  Contact our National Account Services team with your request, they will coordinate the necessary arrangements seamlessly for you. 

RELO Services
When you or your employees need to relocate for a job transfer, let our escrow team handle your Real Estate transaction. Our processors and closers have experience facilitating Relocation closings for a variety of real estate entities and understand the nuances associated with each unique situation. To be assured of professional and smooth representation at the closing, choose Meridian Title Corporation’s relocation services.

REO Services
Lenders/Attorneys – Providing title reports to show current status of title and those parties who may need to be acknowledged in determining available options as part of a loss mitigation or pre-foreclosure process. We can also provide assistance with short sales, Deed in Lieu transactions, and customization of our services to fit lender/attorney needs.
Asset Managers – Providing title services by identifying any title curative action to occur prior to or in conjunction with the sale of the REO asset; coordinating/facilitating the closing with all parties. 
3rd Party Portfolio Investors (Hedge funds, Investment pools) – Providing services regarding the deed in lieu process, short sales, and closings to assist with swift disposal of assets. 
Real Estate Agents – Coordinating, facilitating the closing of and providing insurance to the buyers of REO properties.

Transaction Related Forms
As a customer courtesy, various state and industry forms are made available when requested. The forms serve as informational pieces only and are not intended as legal advise.  Changes are made periodically to forms and the materials given may or may not reflect said changes.

CCR Requests
As a customer courtesy, in select market areas, Meridian Title will provide copies of the latest available Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, upon request.  Documents provided are intended for general information purposes only and should serve as a guide only for use in specific situations as the information is subject to change.

(Bringing Your Purchasers and Sellers to Settlement)
Your “Virtual Office”. The features of BYPASS powered by ResWare, a Transaction Management System, have been designed with the customer in mind. Once an order is placed online it allows our customers (“partners”) to have access to files when it best suits them and gives them the ability to upload documents, request a closing, enter a new order directly into our production software, as well as many other transaction based features. From Contract to Purchase to Closing, documents required by the Contract to Purchase to prepare Buyers and Sellers for closing will be viewable and transmittable via BYPASS to the customers and clients involved in a transaction. These documents may include but are not limited to: title commitment, deed, land contract, survey, mortgage payoffs, inspections, repair authorization, and lender real estate related requirements.

Want to learn more about the home closing process?

Want to learn more about the home closing process?

The American Land Title Association has made available a web portal that will answer many questions related to the home sale and purchase process.  Take and look, let us know if you need additional information.

Take A Look

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

To assist in facilitating transactions, Meridian Title is pleased to make available our Estimate Costs and Sellers Net Sheet tools.

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