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What do you do if you feel you have a claim against your title insurance policy? Below you will find the proper steps to take to file a claim as well as find answers to some frequently asked questions:

Step 1

Locate the title insurance owner’s policy (or lender’s policy if the insured is a lender).

Why: The insured will need to send the policy to the insurer.

Step 2

After locating the policy, contact the title company where the closing occurred, and ask for the address of where the Notice of Claim should be sent.

Why: Although the title agent is not the party to contact in the event of a claim, the title agent may have the contact information of where to send the Notice of Claim. If one cannot locate the title agent, then send the Notice of Claim to the address of the Insurer as noted on the Owner’s Policy.

Step 3

The insured should provide a written explanation of the claim, and include all supporting documentation. This includes items such as: the policy, surveys, copies of lawsuits, contact information of the insured (i.e. phone number, name, address, etc.), etc.

Why: Under the terms of the policy, the insured is required to promptly notify the insurer. Plus, in order for the insurer to properly assess the merits of the claim, they will need such information. Providing complete information may also help expedite the review of the claim.

Wondering how long it takes to resolved a claim?

Each Notice of Claim has its unique qualities. This uniqueness makes it difficult to estimate the amount of time it could take to resolve. Some are resolved quickly, others take longer. If the claim is a known dollar amount, then those types of claims can be handled quickly. Regardless of a claims nature, an insurer must process the claim in a diligent manner.

If you think you may have a claim and do not know who to call, or if you have a question about claims, contact your Account Manager.

*The information contained in this flyer is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice

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