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BYPASS powered by ResWare is a new Transaction Management System (TMS) that’s replaced our previous web-based Process Viewing. This TMS allows our clients and partners to have day and night access to all of their files. BYPASS gives you the ability to upload documents, request a closing date, enter a new order directly into our system, obtain estimated costs through a rate calculator, and many other transaction related features.

1.) Online Rate Calculator

Our online rate calculator allows you, in just a few easy clicks, to find our title insurance premium rates, recording fees, and title services fees for any transaction amount.

This helps you by:

  • Giving you 24 hours access to our rates
  • Providing rates and fees that are specific to property location
  • Allowing you to provide more accurate gfe/hud-1 itemization

2.) Online Document Attachment

BYPASS gives you the ability to attach documents directly to a transaction file. No fax, no call, no email! Attach documents such as a Purchase Agreement, Buyer’s Inspection Authorization, GFE, Addendum, Land Contract and any other document pertinent to the transaction. Perminently store these files on BYPASS, with day and night access!

3.) Sortable Order Searches

BYPASS gives you the ability to conveniently search all of your current and previous orders and transactions. You can search based on date range, file, client, loan number or property address and much more. All related documentation remains in the system, allowing for easy document retrieval. BYPASS makes it easier than ever to locate a file and its documents!

4.) Efficient Communication with Involved Parties

BYPASS is the definition of efficiency! Where email left off, BYPASS picks up! Easily communicate with involved parties (known in BYPASS as partners to the transaction.) When you make a change to a file or attach a document, an automated message will be sent to the internal team and inform them of your change. No more missed faxes or other communication traffic jams!

To find out more, contact your account manager, and they will be more than happy to discuss the many other beneficial features of BYPASS.

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