Seller Net Sheet


By providing information requested, fees and calculations can be obtained for up to 3 estimates at a time on the same property. Estimates can be printed or emailed and may also be saved to your MTC file or to My Saved Estimates, which allows you to save an editable version by name of your choosing, for later reference, if you are logged into BYPASS.

Auto populated fees and calculations are determined by property location, sales price and closing date provided. Additional fee fields are available for customizing the estimate to reflect the terms as spelled out in a purchase or buy/sell agreement.

Definitions of the various fee lines are available by hovering over the fee name.

The information provided reflects an estimate of the charges that are likely to be incurred in the sale of a residential resale property. The fees and proceeds are only an estimate and should not be construed as a commitment. Rates are subject to change. Seller(s) Net Estimate reflects only those calculations for IN, IL, and MI residential resale transactions. This tool is not intended for the use on Short Sale, REO, or Commercial transactions. For estimates/quotes on Commercial, REO, Short Sale properties, please contact Meridian Title offices directly. See Office Locations tab to locate the office serving you or call 800.777.1574 / email


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*Note, Sellers Net Estimate only applies to zip codes for residential resale transactions in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.
Please contact our offices directly if you feel you have received this message in error or are in need of a quote for a commercial, short sale, REO transaction or are seeking a quote for a state other than Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.
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In some counties the Seller may incur an additional $75 Fee for Settlement Services. Please confirm with your local Meridian Title Office or Account Manager to see if this fee applies.